Enjoy Snack Trays En Suite

Organic and local business, snack trays are being offered as a new en suite amenity at The White Dove Rockotel. We have paired up with the fabulous local shop Cheese Louise to bring our guests a menu of three tasty trays. After booking your room and 48 hours before your stay contact our office at (845)306-5419 to order a snack tray to be waiting in your room upon arrival.Reasonably priced with a small delivery fee, our Snack Trays combine the best of organic and local snacks. Each contains a hand picked combination of salty, savory and sweet that pair well with a selected libation. We toured Cheese Louise, perusing the offerings with owner, Sam, picking her brain to create the perfect medley of tastes. An afternoon well spent for our guests enjoyment!

Introducing The White Dove Snack Trays!

Wine Pairing :

Cooper Street Kitchen Flatbreads (Hudson Valley local), Nettle Meadow Farm Chevre' (New York Adirondacks), Whole in the Wall Original Basil Pesto Spread (Binghamton NY), Lucky Chocolates Sea Salt and Toffee Dark Chocolate Bark (Hudson Valley Local Organic Fair Trade), pairs well with wine from the Finger Lakes region

flatbreads, chevre, pesto, dark chocolate


Beer Pairing :

Potter's Crackers Caramelized Onion Crisps (Organic Wisconsin), Yancey's Fancy Roasted Garlic Aged Cheddar (New York Adirondacks), Whole in the Wall Chipolte Pesto Spread (Binghamton NY), Cooper Street Kitchen Sea Salt Caramels (Hudson Valley local), pairs well with local craft six pack mix

caramelized onion crisps, aged cheddar cheese, pesto spread, sea salt caramels

Vegan Tray :

Sidney's Best Vegetable Chips (Hudson Valley Local), Les Trois Petits Cochons Vegan Terrine (Greenwich Village NYC), Mixed Olives, Organic Dried Pears, RJ's Raspberry Licorice Log (Vegan) pairs well with Lorina Sparkling Blood Orange Prestige (Non-Alcoholic)

vegetable chips, vegan terrine, mixed olives, dried pears, raspberry licorice, sparkling soda


New White dove Snack Trays the perfect treat for your pre or post concert pleasure. Call our office at (845)306-5419 for pricing, ordering and details. Please allow 48 hours before check in.

Upcoming Charity Events and The White Dove

Would you love to visit our hotel in Woodstock NY while contributing to a great cause? The White Dove Rockotel is partnering with two charities in the upcoming month. The first event we have donated a nights stay to is Women Performers for Habitat for Humanities' Women Build. Women Build is a nationwide initiative empowering women to support Habitat's home building efforts by casting them in non-traditional roles. Each Women Build team is comprised of female volunteers, led by a female foreman and made up of an at least 80% women support team. This event features many women artists performing across a variety of musical genres. It takes place on January 25 at 3PM at Orange County Choppers in Newburgh, NY. Admission is just $10 which includes 2 tickets for the raffle table (where you could win a nights paid vacation to The White Dove!). Food and drinks will be available. Please contact Ilene at +1 (845) 534-5402 to make reservations. women buildThe next upcoming event is in support of a no kill animal shelter. North Country Animal League is located in Stowe, VT. Every year they throw a community wide charity dinner and silent raffle. This years theme is Peace & Love : Menagerie goes to Woodstock . There will be dinner, cocktails, an emcee and fun! Creative dress is encouraged (think fringe, beads and bell bottoms!) but not required. The silent auction will include a donated nights stay at our pet friendly Station Suite, room cost, pet fee and taxes included. No black out dates. If you are in the Vermont area please consider attending this event. Tickets are $90.00/person. You may reserve your tickets over the phone at +1 (802) 888-5065 x106 or online at www.ncal/store North Country Animal League

 ***The White Dove Rockotel is committed to giving back to the community and supporting social initiatives through events and donations. If you have a donation request please contact us at +1 (845) 360-5491 . We will see what we can do. 2% of our Net profits each year go to support the Family of Woodstock Domestic Violence Shelter in Kingston NY. If you or anyone you know is living in a dangerous situation please contact them at +1 (845) 679-2485 ***

Take a bath, ya hippie!

Introducing The White Dove Rockotel custom cleansing brews. Hand mixed in small batches in Woodstock, NY. Our exclusive blend of patchouli with white floral notes brings to mind hazy summer concerts, barefoot, dusty, the subtle scents and sounds creating a heady space to just be......FREE.........

Relax.   Enjoy.   Inhale.

white dove custom bath products

Organic Hair and Body Wash. Cream Conditioner. Castile All Purpose Soap.

Complimentary in every suite for  in-room use.

Take home bottles available at The Head Shop.

Our First Review!

In addition to hosting our website, we list our suites on Airbnb.com. Airbnb.com is a website dedicated to allowing regular folks to post holiday rental spaces. It's been around for about a decade but as a business has really picked up steam in the past couple years. There are hosts in every country offering accommodations in everything from tepees to old airplanes to luxury pent houses. It's really a fabulous way to travel.One of the great aspects of Airbnb is that both the hosts and guests can comment on their experience and leave reviews on the others profile. These reviews are posted for all to see and are un-editable. This allows for transparency and honesty. We would like to share our first review on The White Dove. Lois and her boyfriend stayed in our Garden Suite, the second weekend we were open. Lois, is also an Airbnb host and so has had many Airbnb experiences. Here is what she had to say

"Martin and Erin made our experience to the Fabulous new White Dove Rockotel one to remember! We loved all the attention to detail in the room. We loved being walking distance to the center of Woodstock. We had a car but we certainly did't need it. We played records, took a bath in the beautiful bathroom, called on our inner hippy, and relaxed. It was magical. In fact, Martin showed us all four units I'd like to book a stay in each one! Or rent all four with friends. Don't hesitate to book with this Groovy couple and enjoy Woodstock!"

Book a night in our Garden Suite here

We are nearing the end........

of renovations! AHHHHHH yes! For those of you not living in Woodstock I wanted to post some exterior shots of the hotel. It has made quite a splash around here. We even had someone drive into the guard rail while staring at it! Lots of people stop and photograph it, I can't wait to get the sign up. First a screen shot from google maps of what the property DID look like..... rockotel, theme hotel, The White Dove Woodstock

Still working on it but nearly done........

hotel Woodstock NY, theme hotel


A word about the color selection and the name. A few people have asked why the building is purple but the name is The White Dove. We named the hotel after the famous dove (actually a catbird) sitting on the guitar on the Woodstock '69 concert poster. Being that the hotel is themed on bands that played that concert. But we also like the fact that a white dove is a symbol of peace, a huge inspiration for the entire baby boom generation and the world. We believe in the possibility of a peaceful, more conscious world. And so comes in the color. As an artist I also believe in the impact of our environmental surrounding on our psyches and the power of symbolism and color.

The color purple is  associated with royalty, luxury, extravagance, creativity, and magic. For centuries and globally it has been seen as a sacred color, representing what is often unseen but felt in our world. The color purple affects both mind, body and spirit, creating alternating waves of calm and passion, igniting creativity and a sense of higher connection. Mediating on purple opens the third eye to the sacred and helps align oneself with the greater universe.

These are all things that happen when we listen to music as well, especially the type of intensely creative and psychedelic music that came out of the 1960's.

So the paint job is the physical representation of the music we built the hotel to honor. It ascends in color to nearly white because white is the color of peace, of clarity and illumination, all things we hope to achieve when we take a break from our daily grind and venture out to explore the wider world.

So welcome to The White Dove, we hope your stay with us brings you a feeling of luxury, bursts of creativity, waves of passion and a restful easy feeling.

Peace ★♥☮

Erin and Martin

Woodstock Times

148 Tinker Street is not just any old fixer-upperby Nick Henderson on Apr 4, 2014 • 6:30 am

A ramshackle Victorian home is going to get a new lease on life from a couple who plan to turn it into luxury vacation suites that won’t empty your wallet.

It’s been overgrown for so long that Woodstockers may have driven past it thousands of times without realizing it’s there, but Erin Cadigan and Martin Mills, who moved from Brooklyn about a year ago, saw some promise in the place.

The home has a detached cottage, which, “if anything is in worse condition than the house,” Cadigan said. “But it’s really solid. It’s got solid bones.”

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