We are nearing the end........

of renovations! AHHHHHH yes! For those of you not living in Woodstock I wanted to post some exterior shots of the hotel. It has made quite a splash around here. We even had someone drive into the guard rail while staring at it! Lots of people stop and photograph it, I can't wait to get the sign up. First a screen shot from google maps of what the property DID look like..... rockotel, theme hotel, The White Dove Woodstock

Still working on it but nearly done........

hotel Woodstock NY, theme hotel


A word about the color selection and the name. A few people have asked why the building is purple but the name is The White Dove. We named the hotel after the famous dove (actually a catbird) sitting on the guitar on the Woodstock '69 concert poster. Being that the hotel is themed on bands that played that concert. But we also like the fact that a white dove is a symbol of peace, a huge inspiration for the entire baby boom generation and the world. We believe in the possibility of a peaceful, more conscious world. And so comes in the color. As an artist I also believe in the impact of our environmental surrounding on our psyches and the power of symbolism and color.

The color purple is  associated with royalty, luxury, extravagance, creativity, and magic. For centuries and globally it has been seen as a sacred color, representing what is often unseen but felt in our world. The color purple affects both mind, body and spirit, creating alternating waves of calm and passion, igniting creativity and a sense of higher connection. Mediating on purple opens the third eye to the sacred and helps align oneself with the greater universe.

These are all things that happen when we listen to music as well, especially the type of intensely creative and psychedelic music that came out of the 1960's.

So the paint job is the physical representation of the music we built the hotel to honor. It ascends in color to nearly white because white is the color of peace, of clarity and illumination, all things we hope to achieve when we take a break from our daily grind and venture out to explore the wider world.

So welcome to The White Dove, we hope your stay with us brings you a feeling of luxury, bursts of creativity, waves of passion and a restful easy feeling.

Peace ★♥☮

Erin and Martin

Custom Wallpapers

One of the specialized design features we wanted to have here at The White Dove was customization. We felt it was important for our guests to experience an environment they wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. In order to pay homage to the individualization and innovation of the of late 60's, the timeless creativity that flowed from the souls of the musicians, the design plan incorporated reworked vintage, hard to find and limited edition artwork, custom upholstery and hand designed wallpaper. This is not your grandmothers wall paper! Wallpaper design is experiencing a revival. Companies such as Brooklyn's Flavor Paper started the trend about a decade ago, employing hand done screen printing methods and hiring street artists and hip graphic designers to come up with outstanding creative designs. In recent years digital printing technologies have made it possible for anyone to print images on a variety of substrates and surfaces, creating a new world of affordable customization for artists and designers. One of the first online accessible companies to target individuals interested in custom textile printing, Spoonflower, added wallpaper printing to it product offerings a little over a year ago.

Originally we were looking at a possible licensing collaboration with Flavor Paper on the series. In the end our designs are very specific the musical influences they represent. We decided to keep them exclusive to The White Dove and have them printed with Spoonflower. There are four designs, one for each suite.

The Garden Suite takes it's inspiration from the famous song written by Joni Mitchell and preformed by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at the Woodstock concert. It's wallpaper reminds one of blotter art. The illustration style is inspired by 1960's textile artist and animator, Malcom English. The scenes are images inspired by the lyrics, pictures of actual concert attendees and the final words said from the stage.

white dove garden wallpaper

custom wallpaper

Our Station Suite is inspired by The Grateful Dead. It's wallpaper incorporates "the roses and the ribbons".

custom wallpaper

custom wallpaper

Heart is based on the musical styling of Janis Joplin. Her wallpaper incorporates images relating to both her music and personal style. Song birds, pearls, peacocks, album cover art and whiskey bottles.

erin cadigan custom wallpaper

erin cadigan custom wallpaper

The Experience Suite is a nod to Jimi Hendrix. The wallpaper design is based on a classic repeat pattern called damask. Damask is a an opulent style that calls to mind the flamboyant clothing Jimi wore. The individual motifs show the flying eyeball as Jimi, famously related from Rick Griffin's Fillmore poster.

erin cadigan custom wallpaper

white dove custom wallpaper


These prints are the exclusive right of © Erin Cadigan. Erin Cadigan is the owner and designer of The White Dove Rockotel in Woodstock, NY. Erin has a background in rock poster art, textile design and fashion. In recent years she has been a visiting instructor at Pratt Institute Brooklyn teaching students color theory, design basics and how to create repeat patterns. For more information on repeat patterns, printing methods and textile design check out her textbook Sourcing and Selecting Textiles for Fashion