Enjoy Snack Trays En Suite

Organic and local business, snack trays are being offered as a new en suite amenity at The White Dove Rockotel. We have paired up with the fabulous local shop Cheese Louise to bring our guests a menu of three tasty trays. After booking your room and 48 hours before your stay contact our office at (845)306-5419 to order a snack tray to be waiting in your room upon arrival.Reasonably priced with a small delivery fee, our Snack Trays combine the best of organic and local snacks. Each contains a hand picked combination of salty, savory and sweet that pair well with a selected libation. We toured Cheese Louise, perusing the offerings with owner, Sam, picking her brain to create the perfect medley of tastes. An afternoon well spent for our guests enjoyment!

Introducing The White Dove Snack Trays!

Wine Pairing :

Cooper Street Kitchen Flatbreads (Hudson Valley local), Nettle Meadow Farm Chevre' (New York Adirondacks), Whole in the Wall Original Basil Pesto Spread (Binghamton NY), Lucky Chocolates Sea Salt and Toffee Dark Chocolate Bark (Hudson Valley Local Organic Fair Trade), pairs well with wine from the Finger Lakes region

flatbreads, chevre, pesto, dark chocolate


Beer Pairing :

Potter's Crackers Caramelized Onion Crisps (Organic Wisconsin), Yancey's Fancy Roasted Garlic Aged Cheddar (New York Adirondacks), Whole in the Wall Chipolte Pesto Spread (Binghamton NY), Cooper Street Kitchen Sea Salt Caramels (Hudson Valley local), pairs well with local craft six pack mix

caramelized onion crisps, aged cheddar cheese, pesto spread, sea salt caramels

Vegan Tray :

Sidney's Best Vegetable Chips (Hudson Valley Local), Les Trois Petits Cochons Vegan Terrine (Greenwich Village NYC), Mixed Olives, Organic Dried Pears, RJ's Raspberry Licorice Log (Vegan) pairs well with Lorina Sparkling Blood Orange Prestige (Non-Alcoholic)

vegetable chips, vegan terrine, mixed olives, dried pears, raspberry licorice, sparkling soda


New White dove Snack Trays the perfect treat for your pre or post concert pleasure. Call our office at (845)306-5419 for pricing, ordering and details. Please allow 48 hours before check in.

Gorgeous Woodstock Any Time of Year

Yesterday I took the toddler, the new-born, the dog, the cat and Hank, the pink Radio Flyer worm ride on toy for a walk down Orchard Lane and around the quiet neighborhood located behind The White Dove. Having moved up from Brooklyn little over a year ago and having lived in urban environments for 20 plus years prior to that, the silent beauty of the Catskills and small town charm of Woodstock make my heart sing. Yesterday, even though it was a bit overcast, I found the final colorful death throes of the leaves and foliage were particularly stunning. And then this morning I awoke to brilliant sunny blue skies, coupled with the first snow of the season. I hate to keep all this beauty to myself. Come up to the Catskills! Get out of the city. There's plenty to see and enjoy year round here in Woodstock and the Hudson Valley........even just a quiet in town walk can do your soul and body good.......

2014-11-13 05.34.54

2014-11-13 05.40.30


fall foliage

2014-11-13 05.32.31

2014-11-13 23.02.11

2014-11-13 23.04.34