Woodstock now has an evening car service!

We understand that when you are on vacation and want to go out for dinner or a show, driving around in your own car is not the most convenient option.  Woodstock now has a reasonable and reliable car service available to White Dove quests.  A low flat rate of $12 each way from the White Dove to the Bearsville Theater, Levon Helm's Studio, New World Home Cooking ,the Red Onion or anywhere else in Bearsville, W. Hurley, W. Saugerties, and Woodstock.  Call Nightrider Car Service directly or talk to our concierge about scheduling a pick up.

Relax, Shop, Repeat

Now that you are coming out of your food coma and have successfully survived Black Friday it is time to turn Holiday shopping into something everyone can enjoy.  On December 4th the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce is holding its 34th Woodstock Holiday Open House from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  All of the great shops will be open late so you can find that very special gift from one of the very special independently owned business's in town.  Better yet, if you book a two night stay on Dec. 4th & 5th you can receive a 10% discount!  Use the promo code Relax when booking online or call us at 845 306 5419. We are a short relaxing walk to all of the shops, restaurants, and special holiday events in town.


Mid-Week Winter Special 20% off your stay!

Getting ready to make some winter getaway plans?  Use the promotional code Winter from November 21st to November 30th when booking a stay Sunday through Thursday nights between December 1st and February 29th for a 20% discount.  When booking a room enter the promo code at the upper right corner box above the calendar then click on apply to get these special rates. 

Enjoy Snack Trays En Suite

Organic and local business, snack trays are being offered as a new en suite amenity at The White Dove Rockotel. We have paired up with the fabulous local shop Cheese Louise to bring our guests a menu of three tasty trays. After booking your room and 48 hours before your stay contact our office at (845)306-5419 to order a snack tray to be waiting in your room upon arrival.Reasonably priced with a small delivery fee, our Snack Trays combine the best of organic and local snacks. Each contains a hand picked combination of salty, savory and sweet that pair well with a selected libation. We toured Cheese Louise, perusing the offerings with owner, Sam, picking her brain to create the perfect medley of tastes. An afternoon well spent for our guests enjoyment!

Introducing The White Dove Snack Trays!

Wine Pairing :

Cooper Street Kitchen Flatbreads (Hudson Valley local), Nettle Meadow Farm Chevre' (New York Adirondacks), Whole in the Wall Original Basil Pesto Spread (Binghamton NY), Lucky Chocolates Sea Salt and Toffee Dark Chocolate Bark (Hudson Valley Local Organic Fair Trade), pairs well with wine from the Finger Lakes region

flatbreads, chevre, pesto, dark chocolate


Beer Pairing :

Potter's Crackers Caramelized Onion Crisps (Organic Wisconsin), Yancey's Fancy Roasted Garlic Aged Cheddar (New York Adirondacks), Whole in the Wall Chipolte Pesto Spread (Binghamton NY), Cooper Street Kitchen Sea Salt Caramels (Hudson Valley local), pairs well with local craft six pack mix

caramelized onion crisps, aged cheddar cheese, pesto spread, sea salt caramels

Vegan Tray :

Sidney's Best Vegetable Chips (Hudson Valley Local), Les Trois Petits Cochons Vegan Terrine (Greenwich Village NYC), Mixed Olives, Organic Dried Pears, RJ's Raspberry Licorice Log (Vegan) pairs well with Lorina Sparkling Blood Orange Prestige (Non-Alcoholic)

vegetable chips, vegan terrine, mixed olives, dried pears, raspberry licorice, sparkling soda


New White dove Snack Trays the perfect treat for your pre or post concert pleasure. Call our office at (845)306-5419 for pricing, ordering and details. Please allow 48 hours before check in.

Take a bath, ya hippie!

Introducing The White Dove Rockotel custom cleansing brews. Hand mixed in small batches in Woodstock, NY. Our exclusive blend of patchouli with white floral notes brings to mind hazy summer concerts, barefoot, dusty, the subtle scents and sounds creating a heady space to just be......FREE.........

Relax.   Enjoy.   Inhale.

white dove custom bath products

Organic Hair and Body Wash. Cream Conditioner. Castile All Purpose Soap.

Complimentary in every suite for  in-room use.

Take home bottles available at The Head Shop.

Now offering Ensuite Spa services

There comes a time in every vacation when you just want to <<<<<<<RELAX>>>>>>>

What is it with us of the go, go, go generation and our obsession with "doing" things?

I mean, really, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines vacation as


:  a respite or a time of respite from something 
a :  a scheduled period during which activity  is suspended
And yet, here we are, in the Catskills, in a low stress, gorgeous environment and we have got ourselves on a sightseeing SCHEDULE. Hikes, farm to table restaurants, let's not forget to squeeze in an hour of mediation at a local monastery because HEY!!!! mind, body, spirit, ya know?
I got a better suggestion. How about just for one day with us you actually relax? Get up around 10. Enjoy some free coffee or tea. Take a soak or a sit in one of our amazing tubs or rainfall showers. Dry off with a 100% cotton spa towel, get into your most comfortable clothes and go out the courtyard, light up the fire pit and VEGGGGGGG.........
Then top it off with an ensuite massage or facial from local healer, master massage therapist (and amazing neighbor) Joan Apter.  The White Dove is now offering an Ensuite Services Menu !! This means you don't need to go anywhere (or get out of your jammies) to receive top-grade spa services. Just reach out to us at booking@thewhitedoverockotel.com  to ensure your time or stop by the Head Shop on site in the morning. All appointments are based on availability, so early bookings are recommended!

Healer and Masseuse - Joan Apter

Joan is an intuitive licensed massage therapist with 20 years of training in the use and application of essential oils. Her massage techniques include deep tissue, Tibetan reflexology (Vita flex), Swedish and energy balancing. Joan has advanced training in the medicinal applications of essential oils from Ege University in Izmir, Turkey, and holds an International Certificate of Study from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. She is a spa consultant; educator and an instructor of the Raindrop Technique, Emotional Raindrop and NAT massage technique.
Basically Joan is no joke.
She is a long time Woodstock resident with a strong healing spirit. We are honored to have her availability extend to The White Dove. In addition to her healing career, Joan is an active local environmentalist and social volunteer, spending her down time protecting and advocating for all things Hudson Valley be it people, animals or nature.


At this time we are offering:
One Hour in room Massage -$100
One Hour in room Massage with Aromatherapy - $110
One Hour in room Massage with Raindrop Technique** - $120
** This is a top of the line toxin removal and healing experience, ask me I would be glad to share my story.
One Hour Aromatherapy Facial Massage - $110 is available at Joan's studio located right around the corner!!
Please feel free to speak with Joan about optional services or extend times during her visit.
To book a visit with Joan contact us at: booking@thewhitedoverockotel.com after making your reservation