Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

Happy Birthday to one of the worlds most important musicians ever.  Bob Marley brought reggae music to the world stage and spread the rastaman vibrations everywhere he went.  If you are a music fan than there is a pretty good chance you are a reggae fan.  Whether it is roots reggae, dance hall, dub step, or any other music that uses the unmistakable reggae beat. Celebrating Bob's birthday in Woodstock is the perfect way to remember a great musician in a great music town.  On Saturday Feb. 7th the Bearsville Theater with Upstate Reggae is throwing a Bob Marley birthday celebration "One Love" with a great line up of artists some of whom performed with Bob Marley and other reggae legends.  All the proceeds will go to the Bob Marley School in St. Ann Jamaica.

Upstate Reggae and the Woodstock area in general have great reggae shows all year round and there is no better place to enjoy the ire vibes before, after, and the next day than to stay at the The White Dove Rockotel.