Now offering Ensuite Spa services

There comes a time in every vacation when you just want to <<<<<<<RELAX>>>>>>>

What is it with us of the go, go, go generation and our obsession with "doing" things?

I mean, really, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines vacation as


:  a respite or a time of respite from something 
a :  a scheduled period during which activity  is suspended
And yet, here we are, in the Catskills, in a low stress, gorgeous environment and we have got ourselves on a sightseeing SCHEDULE. Hikes, farm to table restaurants, let's not forget to squeeze in an hour of mediation at a local monastery because HEY!!!! mind, body, spirit, ya know?
I got a better suggestion. How about just for one day with us you actually relax? Get up around 10. Enjoy some free coffee or tea. Take a soak or a sit in one of our amazing tubs or rainfall showers. Dry off with a 100% cotton spa towel, get into your most comfortable clothes and go out the courtyard, light up the fire pit and VEGGGGGGG.........
Then top it off with an ensuite massage or facial from local healer, master massage therapist (and amazing neighbor) Joan Apter.  The White Dove is now offering an Ensuite Services Menu !! This means you don't need to go anywhere (or get out of your jammies) to receive top-grade spa services. Just reach out to us at  to ensure your time or stop by the Head Shop on site in the morning. All appointments are based on availability, so early bookings are recommended!

Healer and Masseuse - Joan Apter

Joan is an intuitive licensed massage therapist with 20 years of training in the use and application of essential oils. Her massage techniques include deep tissue, Tibetan reflexology (Vita flex), Swedish and energy balancing. Joan has advanced training in the medicinal applications of essential oils from Ege University in Izmir, Turkey, and holds an International Certificate of Study from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. She is a spa consultant; educator and an instructor of the Raindrop Technique, Emotional Raindrop and NAT massage technique.
Basically Joan is no joke.
She is a long time Woodstock resident with a strong healing spirit. We are honored to have her availability extend to The White Dove. In addition to her healing career, Joan is an active local environmentalist and social volunteer, spending her down time protecting and advocating for all things Hudson Valley be it people, animals or nature.


At this time we are offering:
One Hour in room Massage -$100
One Hour in room Massage with Aromatherapy - $110
One Hour in room Massage with Raindrop Technique** - $120
** This is a top of the line toxin removal and healing experience, ask me I would be glad to share my story.
One Hour Aromatherapy Facial Massage - $110 is available at Joan's studio located right around the corner!!
Please feel free to speak with Joan about optional services or extend times during her visit.
To book a visit with Joan contact us at: after making your reservation