Our First Review!

In addition to hosting our website, we list our suites on Airbnb.com. Airbnb.com is a website dedicated to allowing regular folks to post holiday rental spaces. It's been around for about a decade but as a business has really picked up steam in the past couple years. There are hosts in every country offering accommodations in everything from tepees to old airplanes to luxury pent houses. It's really a fabulous way to travel.One of the great aspects of Airbnb is that both the hosts and guests can comment on their experience and leave reviews on the others profile. These reviews are posted for all to see and are un-editable. This allows for transparency and honesty. We would like to share our first review on The White Dove. Lois and her boyfriend stayed in our Garden Suite, the second weekend we were open. Lois, is also an Airbnb host and so has had many Airbnb experiences. Here is what she had to say

"Martin and Erin made our experience to the Fabulous new White Dove Rockotel one to remember! We loved all the attention to detail in the room. We loved being walking distance to the center of Woodstock. We had a car but we certainly did't need it. We played records, took a bath in the beautiful bathroom, called on our inner hippy, and relaxed. It was magical. In fact, Martin showed us all four units I'd like to book a stay in each one! Or rent all four with friends. Don't hesitate to book with this Groovy couple and enjoy Woodstock!"

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