Sound Out

Here at the ROCKOTEL™ we are proud to be part of an artistic & musical community with roots as far back as the 19th century. Yes thats right. Sometime around 1890 is when the first wave of free-spirits, the Bohemians, set up camp in Woodstock. Woodstock "the town" didn't happen because of Woodstock "the concert", Woodstock "the concert" happened because of this town. Our Sound Out page celebrates the ROCKOTEL's contribution and involvement in the future of this magical place. Check out our talented guests and local partners. Read up on what people are saying about us. And stay abreast of our creative collaborations. 







Erin and Martin are the consummate host and hostess. The White Dove Rockotel is pure passion and music, with a true sense of real family. Enjoy.
Cheers, love, rock,
— Scott Ian (Anthrax), Pearl Aday (Meatloaf, Pearl Aday) and Revel Young (their son)
It’s a little oasis inside an oasis.
— Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Light, Http://
The White Dove Rockotel is pure awesomeness! It’s rare that groovy nostalgia and modern comfort blend so well, but I wish I could take this place in my pocket on our national tours!
— 23 Skidoo, Grammy Nominee
“Thank you! Awesome Hospitality” (signed on a gift bottle of wine)
— Heartless Bastards
Filming at The White Dove was such a wonderful experience. The hotel is beautiful and whimsical. It was so perfect for our film! Martin and Erin were phenomenal and accommodating. We can’t wait to come back and stay as guests.
— Jessalyn Abbot, Glass Eye Pix,
Everything about your hotel inspired us. It immediately spoke to us on a creative level, something out of the norm. We were looking for a place packed with one of a kind style. When we came across The White Dove Rockotel there was no question it would be the perfect place to create something magical together.
— Genessa Solde, Her&Eye photography,
I got to tour the Rockotel on a recent trip to Woodstock and was blown away by Erin’s gorgeous psychedelic artistry in the rock themed rooms and could not resist coming back to stay for the perfect weekend!
— Xxoxox! Steven Menendez, Fashion Photographer,

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